1000 days at sea

 I`ve  been following the amazing progress of Reid Stowe, the American sailor who has been alone at sea for more days than anyone else in history. He set out from New York together with his girlfriend in April 2007 aboard the 70ft gaff-rigged schooner, Anne.

He built the yacht, together with his brothers, in the 1970`s and he has sailed many voyages around the world.

He decided to put together the 1000 days Mars Odyssey voyage which would see him staying on board and with no food replenishments or contact with land for 1000 days.

Reid achieved his goal on the 16th January 2010. He will be heading back to New York in June this year.

I have followed Reids trip since October 2008 and i find it truley inspiring and i am amazed at his dedication and committment.

Unfortunately he is no longer able to post messages directly from his boat to his website (1000days.net) since the computer he was using has eventually succumbed to the ravages of life at sea.

I encourage anyone interested in stories of human endurance or anyone interested in sailing to visit 1000days.net and explore some of the achievments that Reid has accomplished over the years as well as up to date info on this current mission.

Reid and his brot


~ by Simon Tatt on February 15, 2010.

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