Laughter really is the best medicine

I think that for all the medicines and potions available worldwide, laughter has to rank as the top elixir and it`s free of charge. Laughter can cure depression, pain, help to heal wounds more quickly and generally encourage people feeling down to feel up.

My initial hospital stay of two months, back in 1988 after damaging my right leg in a motorbike accident, was an experiencse that taught me first hand how my state of mind could help or hinder me in my recovery.

Little did i know that the daily visit by nurses and nursing sisters was not just to administer medicines and wound dressings but was also to evaluate the patient`s mental state. Hospital beds were occasionally swopped around in the ward and all of us `long-termers` were unknowingly paired up with fellow sufferers, so that our personalities and general dispositions would encourage and positively affect each other.

When visiting times came along i looked forward to any conversation that would generate laughter and i enjoyed humorous reading material. This is long before i became aware of how laughter has been proven to assist in the healing process.

I am generally a laughter driven soul and i thrive on humour, especially oddball or whacky humour. I enjoy the Monty Python/ Little Britain/ Mighty Boosh stable of comedies and back in the eighties, Monty Python was my `new` favourite.

One of the highlights for me when i was lashed to my hospital bed by ropes and pulleys, in traction, was to be wheeled outside the ward and into the sunshine in the courtyard of the hospital so that our family dog, Bandit, a super intelligent border-collie could jump up at the side of my bed and greet me. It was a wonderful experience and after seven weeks of confinement to an air-conditioned orthopaedic ward it was truly exciting to be able to pat Bandit and feel his warm tongue licking my arm and face. I have no doubt that one afternoon of pet contact helped me enormously in my recovery.

I unfortunately hurt my knee in an accident last year and i`m only now coming off crutches but my recovery is going well and i have just finished watching three British comedy series: The Mighty Boosh, Little Britain and The IT Crowd and i am sure that they have all had a part in allowing me to make the significant amount of recovery that i have been blessed to receive so far.

“Pain! – I blow my nose in your general direction!” – spoken with an outrageous french accent.


~ by Simon Tatt on February 19, 2010.

One Response to “Laughter really is the best medicine”

  1. I just love your writing Si, you have talent to put this down – I have all these crazy stories in my head and cannot write. I look forward to your next ‘episode’. Thanks for taking your time to share these with us.

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