Apollo 19 – Some More Bits

As the last remnants of dust settle around Apollo 19 two shapes are outlined against the bright uniformness of the lunar landscape. The one-sixth gravity causes Commander Plaatjies to stutter forwards as if he`s attached to a giant elastic band which is anchored some distance behind him. Alongside, Navigator Jaantjies cluthches his fishing rod and carefully wrapped smoked snoek sandwiches and saunters out onto the shoreline of the Sea of Tranquility.

Over to their left they see the figure of a bopping and jiving hipster who is rapping to some mean beats. He has the pootjie bubbling away over the fire in front of him and with his collar turned up a notch, starts shimmying and bopping to the dialogue that he`s delivering … “Yo yo yo …. I is spiritual believable never cramping your cathederal clutching your corona with the air of my sharona now. Hippity hoppity over the luna rockity to replenish and to cherish all the fish for all the families, believe that I is and will not dis the fish on this great earth dish …..Yo the world.”

Stilletjie Jaantjies glanced over at his Commander and then back at the rapper. The beat, still grooving out of the thin luna air wafted over the afronauts. Pilletjie was the first to feel it. His knee started a kinda small Elvis rebellion of its own and then his shoulders twitched and soon, all of the commander was feeling it. Navigator Stilletjie Jaantjies took the fishing rod, stepped back slightly and positioned the rod far over his right shoulder. With a deft flicking action (as deft as one can get on the moon), he whipped the rod forward and at the same moment pressed the `auto cast` button on the hand grip. One sixth gravity slowed the action somewhat but the cast was launched and off went the hook, sinker and moisten ball of pap snoek on its journey over the Sea of Tranquility. Stilletjie was quite sure that his grandfathers advice that `to catch a snoek you need a snoek` was the best advice ever. 

This Short Story entitled “Apollo 19 – Some More Bits” is copyrighted to the author, Simon J Tatt. No persons may reproduce any part of the story in any way for the purposes of financial gain or for any other reasons without the express permission of Simon J Tatt. Law 6785/67 of the Intrinsic Writers Code of 2009 protects the above mentioned work and any infringement thereof will result in a fine of $20 000 and/or a jail term of between 5 and 7 years. Transgressors may also find themselves coated with Bovril and towed very slowly behind a motorboat off the Great Barrier Reef for a period of no less than 3 weeks.


~ by Simon Tatt on June 30, 2010.

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