I was born on June 16th 1962 in England and moved to South Africa with my family in 1970. I have an older brother and a younger sister. My father passed away in 2001, my mom is very much alive and well and living here in South Africa too.

I have worked for the past 15 years or so in the film industry based in Cape Town, mainly working on commercials in the camera department. I returned to the UK in July 2007 and worked in a charity fund raising company as well as doing some part-time acting in the tv series `Casualty`.

I returned from England in July last year and i have been writing and composing music – simple guitar based material – and working on film projects with a director friend of mine.

Ihave recently become aware of the plight of the planet we live on and i am sure that we can all do something to make it possible for future generations to enjoy the beauty that we take for granted at the moment.

Nature needs to take a front seat in our calculations and activities now. Architects should be including nature in their designs or at least working with nature and not against it. Animals and plants need to be considered before our needs are met.

I see no reason why countries still need to mine for oil and gas. There is an abundance of solar, wind and wave power available to most nations and instead of spending disgustingly large amounts of money on defence and armaments to kill each other, the powers of the world should be financing scientific projects to make these alternative power sources more easily available…and soon!


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